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Alumier Skin Experts / July 30, 2019

Skin Journey with Beauty Expert Humara Kausar

Our skin goes through so much on a daily basis. Taking care of our skin is so important. It is what faces the world and the health of it is crucial to our well being. My own skin has gone through quite the journey, from my first pimple, to discoloration peeking through and then a wrinkle. How we take care of our skin also evolves as we grow older. I am now in my mid-30s and I’m very observant of the changes my skin has gone through. I’m a mother of two and I noticed after pregnancy my skin was less sensitive and I don’t break out as much. However, because of the different skin types I’ve gone through over the years, I felt more comfortable seeking help with a professional for my skin concerns including uneven skin tone and pigmentation—which is very common with South Asian ethnicities.

Years ago I tried my first glycolic acid product. It was a night eye cream and I had the worse reaction! I woke up to puffy and swollen looking eyes with a tinge of redness inside. I was so scared and promised to never use any kind of acid on my face. Years later, I started to test some glycolic acids. A patch test at first and then slowly the entire face but of course staying away from the eye area.

Only this year did I get fully comfortable with trying new things on my skin. I almost felt like I graduated from my fears of going back to acne skin or having reactions to different formulations. I have to give a ton of credit to the Ellis Senior Clinical Educator and Brand Ambassador who helped me with my treatments. Ellis first walked me through a consultation and I filled out a form so she was well aware of my skin and lifestyle before she could recommend anything. This made me feel like I was in safe hands. For someone who has never done any kind of treatment other than the common facial, I needed this badly. I needed a professional who was highly educated in her field to go through what my skin journey was going to look like going forward.

After the consultation, I felt comfortable with what Ellis had suggested and then we proceeded with my first treatment. This was a hydration treatment. She used a professional mask, Aqua Infusion and it felt amazing on my skin and when everything was done my skin was glowing! She also showed me the increase in hydration I had from doing it with a machine. I was at 98% from a 25% level prior to doing the hydration treatment. For over a decade I worked at a retailer as a beauty advisor, completed courses and now I’m a part-time lifestyle blogger and working full-time in Marketing. Although my skincare background isn’t as intensive as I wish it would be, my experiences have taught me that hydration is key before doing any other treatments. Especially ones that are peels. It’s a great foundation to build before the peel process begins.

After 3 weeks, I returned for an AlumierMD Glow peel. We first started with one layer, just to test out my skin and my skin took it really well. What this means is that I had a very low reaction to it but it was working at the same time. I love how the Ellis walked me through each step and asked me throughout each step how my skin felt. To ensure I wasn’t having a reaction and if anything did feel uncomfortable to let me know if that was normal to feel. Depending on my visible sensitivity, which at this time was low, we did the Brightening Accelerator that has anti-aging peptides. The first treatment I saw a huge difference in my skin. It was glowing and a lot of the pigmentation I had and scarring from a few pimples had decreased. I had less shadowing in my skin as well, which is a challenge many people with my skin tone (South Asians) have. I loved the Post Procedure Kit that was given to me and found it fit perfectly with my lifestyle. It was easy to understand the steps and the AlumierMD products are amazing! Especially when my skin started to actually peel, the moisturizer in the Post Procedure Kit really helped me from picking at my skin. I was using the EverActive C & E serum before I started the Glow Peel treatments and it has become a staple in my routine.

The next peel treatments I had, we pushed my skin a little further with the Glow Peels with the layers she applied to my skin. It was like I was building my skins strength to handle the peel to get to the results that I wanted. Which was flawless skin of course! At the end of my treatments I can say I am beyond impressed with the results. I have come a long way from someone who feared doing something new with her skin and have opened a new door to a journey I should have started a long time ago. I spend so much money on skincare but never put thought into first strengthening the base of my skin. My current skin care routine is now the AlumierMD Purifying Gel Cleanser, EvenTone serum and EverActive C&E serum.  I’m looking forward to continuing with my AlumierMD peel treatments come winter.

Written by Humara Kausar

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