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Alumier Skin Experts / January 17, 2017

Which product is right for me? The importance of seeing a skincare professional

When it comes to locking down a skincare routine, it can be extremely overwhelming—there are thousands of products out there! How do you know which ones will be right for your skin type? Which ingredients will work best for your skin? Are the products well-formulated? The questions are endless.

Working with a skincare professional like a dermatologist or esthetician will not only save you the headaches but also ensure that you are spending your money on the right products. Professionals know how to diagnose and treat the root causes of skin problems. Skincare pros are educated and trained in the products of the range they represent–they will know more about the products than anyone else–they are usually using them themselves, and apply them on customers every day. Skin care professionals are familiar with the formulas and ingredients, so will know what will or won’t work with your specific skin profile, and what will produce the best results. With their knowledge, they will be able to create a customized product and treatment plan that works best for your skin type and issues. Skincare professionals can give recommendations that you can trust.

Just as using the correct products are crucial in order to see results, using the wrong products can be detrimental. Using the wrong products can damage, harm or irritate the skin, worsen current skin conditions or create other skin issues.

It’s also important to remember that marketing teams often make exaggerated claims of results, making it sound like there is one miracle product or ingredient that will fix your skin, when in fact this is very far from the truth. Ignore what the ads are telling you–while there might be active ingredients in products that can make a difference to your skin, it’s important to ensure that the potency is high enough to actually make improvements. Often, brands will ‘dust’ their products with expensive ingredients to make marketing claims. AlumierMD does the opposite–they research the optimal ingredients and concentrations to create prescription-strength formulations for a wide variety of skin profiles to achieve optimal results.

Products with powerful active ingredients such as AHA or BHA acids, retinol, vitamin C and E will make the biggest difference to your skin–but it is important to have a skincare professional determine which potency and ingredients are best suited for your skin type, age, sun damage, etc. Plus, when treating multiple skin issues (i.e. aging and acne), it is important to consider which products to use when–some ingredients counteract others, cancelling out whatever effect they might have had on their own. Professionals can help determine the perfect skin care regimen for you to ensure you maximize the efficiency of your products for great skin.

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