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Alumier Skin Experts / December 30, 2016

New Year’s Skin Resolutions

January first is a good day as any to revamp and reassess your skincare routine, but really, there’s no need to wait until then! Here’s a few easy tips to get your skin looking its best throughout the year.

Wear sunscreen every day
This is perhaps to most obvious and repeated tip, but it is the most important. It might not be summer, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be wearing sunscreen! The sun is still there, even if it’s overcast. Once the days get shorter and darker, it can be hard to get motivated to apply that extra layer of sunscreen in the morning, but remember that with this simple step, you can prevent your skin from the number one source of aging. This goes for cloudy and rainy days, too!

Be sure to use a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Alumier makes several sunscreens to fit all skin types.

Remove makeup every night
A surprising amount of people are too tired or lazy to remove their makeup properly every night. This can be especially hard during the holidays when you’ve had a few too many drinks at a party. When makeup is left on the skin, you are that much more likely to experience a breakout. Makeup also can absorb damaging free radicals throughout the day, which will sit on your skin all night if not removed. Make your nighttime skin routine something to look forward to; listen to a podcast or music, choose products you enjoy using, and head up to your bathroom a bit earlier to ensure you have enough time to cleanse before getting too sleepy.

Drink more water
This is a resolution that should be kept up all year round—it’s not just for summer time. Keep your body and your skin hydrated by drinking two litres of water per day. It might sound like a lot, but it’s what your body needs!

Exfoliate regularly
Sloughing off dead skin is a hugely important step in maintaining healthy skin and fighting against aging: it helps regenerate skin, and allows serums and moisturizers to be more effectively absorbed into the skin. It will also help to decongest pores and prevent bacteria and oils from getting trapped in the skin, which eventually causes breakouts. Exfoliating can be done with scrubs or chemical exfoliants—and both should be incorporated into your routine a few times a week. When choosing a scrub, choose a gentle formula that won’t scratch the skin like Alumier’s Lotus scrub.

Hands off!
Another seemingly easy tip, but you touch your face more than you think! Resting your face on your hands at the computer, making calls on your iPhone—bacteria can easily be transferred before you know it. When a pimple shows up, it can be hard to leave it alone; the desire to pop it and be done is always there. But do your best to resist—popping pimples can cause scarring and discoloration, and overall can prolong the process of healing properly. Instead, apply an effective spot treatment like Alumier’s Spot Clearing Lotion with a light layer of makeup over top to conceal the redness. The zit will be gone in no time!

Get your 8 hours a night
Beautyrest isn’t something that is made up! Your body needs time to reset your hormones and remove toxins from your body. Being well rested shows up on your face—you won’t have puffy eyes or dehydrated skin.

Now that you’ve promised yourself to remove your makeup every night, exfoliate regularly, get 8 hours every night and wear sunscreen every day (no pressure!), it’s time to lock in a solid routine. Consistency is one of the big keys to great skin. If trying out a new product, be patient with it and really give it time to see results before giving up. Most products take several weeks to make a difference, so don’t write products off too quickly before giving them a chance.

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