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Alumier Skin Experts / December 28, 2016

How to keep skin clear and glowing over the holiday

There’s no doubt about it—the holidays aren’t a relaxing break for everyone. Between the family get-togethers, holiday parties, last minute gift shopping and the cold winter weather, December can really take a toll on your skin. These tips should help keep your skin looking fresh and glowing throughout all of your holiday parties.

Get your beauty rest
This seems obvious, but if you know you’ve got a hectic few weeks coming up, be sure to prioritize your sleep. This will not only make you feel better generally, but getting enough sleep will make sure your hormones stay stable, and your skin will thank you for it. You’ll see less breakouts and lower stress levels. If you can’t get your full eight hours every night, use an eye cream like Alumier’s AluminEye to keep eyes looking bright, and helps reduce puffiness while fighting dark circles and fine lines.

Avoid stress
This can definitely be a tough—there’s a lot going on around “the most wonderful time of year”, that might not be so, well, wonderful. The roads are a mess, you’re trying to finish up your work before the holidays, your mom is driving you up the wall, you’ve forgotten to get someone a gift, and before you know it, what’s stressing you out is showing up all over your skin. Take a few breaths, prioritize taking some time for yourself, and just remember that everyone’s emotions always run a little high around the holidays.

Stay hydrated
In colder weather, it might not seem as obvious that your body needs water, but it’s true! You still need to be consuming as much water as during the summer. Plus, when alcohol consumption is heightened, which definitely happens over the holidays, you’ll need to up your water intake even more. Next time you’re out at a party, try to remember ‘every other water’—have a glass after every alcoholic drink. This will help reduce the chance of a hangover and reduce the negative dehydrating effects alcohol has on skin. (It’ll also save you from drinking too much too quickly at the office party). Combat dry-tired looking skin (thanks cold winter wind and alcohol) by switching to a richer moisturizer and add in a few pumps of Alumier’s Ultimate Boost Serum to your skincare routine. The serum works with a powerful blend of ingredients to enhance the skin’s natural hydrolipid barrier and fight aging.

Be mindful of your diet
While the holidays are definitely the time to indulge, do try to reduce your intake of skin irritating foods and beverages. Try not to drink too much, and be wary of foods like chocolate, dairy and sugar, which can wreak havoc on the skin. Avoid salty foods as well—sodium can cause puffiness around the eyes. Remember—this is time the year when lots of photos are taken, and nobody wants to be dealing with a breakout. If a pimple does pop up, be sure not to pop it! Just apply Alumier’s Spot Clearing Lotion, then dab on some concealer over top. It is formulated with benzoyl peroxide to reduce bacteria and tea tree oil and resveratrol to relieve redness and irritation.

If you’re going home for the holidays, the one product you won’t want to forget to pack is your scrub. Throughout all the holiday madness, be sure to keep a regular exfoliating schedule. This will help keep skin looking it’s smoothest and brightest, but also help prevent future breakouts and make skin more receptive to hydrating serums and moisturizers. Alumier’s Lotus Scrub gently polishes away dead and rough skin with biodegradable lotus seed powder and microcrystalline cellulose, keeping your skin radiant without causing harm to our waterways.

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