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Alumier Skin Experts / September 20, 2016

Elevate Magazine “Fall Favourites”

Elevate, September + October 2016 edition, writes: “Amanpreet’s Fave. Alumier MD Retinol Eye Gel (select spas and online at You must be thinking, “Retinol in an eye cream? Are you nuts?” But this one works well without causing irritation to the delicate eye area.  The retinol in the formula is microencapsulated so it is released in the deepest layers of your skin (where it’s needed) and won’t cause redness to the outer layers. The bonus: The gel is rich in Vitamin B3, C and E, so you’ll get all the nutrients your skin needs in one product!”

AlumierMD Retinol Eye Gel tube on magazine article.
September + October 2016 Elevate mention


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