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Alumier Skin Experts / March 4, 2018

Acne Clinical Study

In an independent clinical study where only AlumierMD home care treatment products were used, after 56 days of treatment, 82% of subjects said that the treatment penetrates and cleans up pores. 76% of the subjects felt that their skin was softer and smoother. 71% of the subjects noticed that the treatment helped to reduce shine and excess oil. A significant proportion of volunteers (65%) noticed that their skin tone was more even, their pores were more refined and their acne blemishes were reduced due to treatment. Overall, the majority of subjects (65%) rated the test products as a performing anti-acne line.

Before and After Photos:

Before 014-D14-L-SD
After 014-D56-L-SD
Before 012-D0-L-SD
After 012-D56-L-SD
Before 002-D0-F-SD
After 002-D56-F-SD

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